Alternative music is a term that encompasses all types of music that are opposed to the official models commonly accepted.

1 This type of music has no distinguishing features that become a unique and recognizable musical style, but brings together large numbers of musical genres that are far from commercial or industrial music and each having characteristics propias.

It covers a large number of sub-genres, most notably alternative rock, grunge, indie, world music, New Wave music or folk, alternative rap, among others. However, the representative artists of alternative music not always fall within the same subgenus, but each of his compositions may correspond to a different type of music alternativa.

The main criticism made​​, both the public and critics, the use of this term is that the alternative, as is assumed by the system, it becomes a mass product, so that leaves 3 to oppose the commercial and would still be alternative. Some consider groups with commercial pull but still not make a kind of music that you can include in the term commercial music performed independent music,  although the most common is that it lacks a term about which there is consensus to denote these groups.

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